Terça Técnica: “Dutos submarinos flexíveis e rígidos: visão geral de projeto à instalação”

Terça Técnica: “Dutos submarinos flexíveis e rígidos: visão geral de projeto à instalação”


Prezados membros da SPE e colegas da indústria de E&P,
A SPE Seção Brasil, realizará em 09/07, às 18:00h, no Clube de Engenharia mais uma edição da TERÇA TÉCNICA, que é um programa de palestras mensais com o objetivo de disseminar conhecimento e permitir a troca de experiências entre colegas de operadoras, academia e fornecedores de bens e serviços.
Nesta TERÇA TÉCNICA abordaremos o tema: "Dutos submarinos flexíveis e rígidos: visão geral de projeto à instalação" com Roberta Pires, da BHGE.

The development of Offshore Oil and Gas Pipes Systems demand multi-disciplinary engineering to investigate a multitude of design uncertainties extending from the reservoir to the production facilities. The generation of concept options usually follows a technically oriented process, where each specialized discipline determines the technical requirements and boundary conditions to the next discipline.Subsea pipes design and installation usually drive the subsea investment. So it is key to correctly define and optimize piping. The deeper the field, the more this is important.
This presentation aims to deliver a summarized perspective of overview of subsea pipes including Flexible and Rigid production, injection and exportation systems: how does it work, technical requirements and installation methods. It will also address jumpers installation methods and finally some general trends on piping and installation method choice on the overall subsea layout, cost and schedule.
Brazil has thousands of kilometers of subsea oil and gas pipes. Brazil has always been a world record winner on water depths and now is a world record winner on CO2 levels. This has led Brazilian engineering community to develop local technical expertise and technical solutions that are now recognized worldwide. This presentation aims on sharing a glimpse of this expertise and also on some of the actions ongoing to keep a safe and efficient transportation system for our net of oil & gas subsea pipes.

Roberta Pires is a Materials and Industrial Production Engineer (Bachelor's Degree) from PUC Rio, 2003. With over 16 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, she has advanced knowledge in Subsea Exploration and Production Environment, including:
- Subsea layout definition
- Subsea equipment, piping, vessel and installation method definition;
- deep waters systems;
- Flexible pipes design
- Pipes qualification
She also has experience on Innovation and Research promoting dynamic hands on workshops to populate innovation pipeline with new exciting projects, technology road maps definition, R&D stakeholders engagement and innovation plan definition.



Clube de Engenharia
Av. Rio Branco, 124, 21º andar, Centro - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro

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