SPE Workshop: Integrated Water Management


About the Workshop
Water management in oilfield operations needs to be performed in an integrated way. This became more critical in offshore environment, due to small areas adding large equipment to treat injection and produced water, with few sources of injection water beyond the sea water and the higher costs for logistics, drilling, and workover. In order to achieve better economical results, disciplines like reservoir management, flow assurance, water treatment, materials, and environmental regulations must be evaluated to look for better asset performance.

Some examples of multi-disciplinary design are:

Evaluation of scale potential depends on the source and treatment of the water to be injected, the geochemistry characteristics of the reservoir, chemicals compatibility, and the flow conditions in columns, pipes, and the topside
Produced water disposal is defined by evaluating environmental legislation, oil geochemistry, facilities to treat produced water, geomechanics, water flowrate, and formation damage
Why Attend
An SPE workshop is a multi-day event that fosters knowledge sharing in an intensive learning experience. It provides brief technical presentations followed by extensive Q&A and discussion.

Staged in an intimate setting, an SPE workshop brings together E&P professionals with common roles and challenges to share ideas that advance both technology and best practices. They provide an environment for frank, open discussion. Press is not invited to attend.

The workshop’s program committee members solicit presentations from top industry professionals. This ensures a robust technical program with presentations that are laser-focused on best practices, lessons learned, and case studies.



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