SPE Brazil Flow Assurance Technology Congress 2022

SPE Brazil Flow Assurance Technology Congress 2022


The term Flow Assurance was first used by Petrobras in the early 1990s in Portuguese as Garantia do Escoamento, meaning literally “Guarantee of Flow”, or Flow Assurance. The goal of the Flow Assurance discipline is to ensure successful and economical flow of oil and gas from reservoir to the end client, in a safe and reliable manner and ensure operability through the complete lifecycle of the field.
The Flow Assurance activity is dedicated to studies about the chemical, physicochemical and thermodynamic phenomena that occur during oil production, and also to propose technological solutions to solve the problems.
In order to guarantee feasible, safe and cost-effective production, Flow Assurance needs to cover a wide range of special engineering fields and is an extremely diverse subject matter, playing a critical role in all phases of the project.
Although many workshops and conferences exist within the specific areas involved in the discipline, there is a need to promote a unified technical forum on Flow Assurance in a wider sense. Our goal with the First Flow Assurance Technology Congress is to engage professionals in diverse areas, from industry and academia, to interact and find common grounds for discussion to unlock potential synergies and create the new flow assurance technology solutions of today and tomorrow.

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