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Terça Técnica: “Subsea Power & Processing – A Future Vision on Equipment and Processes”

A SPE Seção Brasil, realizará em 15/10 mais uma edição da TERÇA TÉCNICA.


Terça Técnica: “Subsea Power & Processing – A Future Vision on Equipment and Processes”

Prezados membros da SPE e colegas da indústria de E&P,

A SPE Seção Brasil, realizará em 15/10, às 18:00h, no Clube de Engenharia mais uma edição da TERÇA TÉCNICA, que é um programa de palestras mensais com o objetivo de disseminar conhecimento e permitir a troca de experiências entre colegas de operadoras, academia e fornecedores de bens e serviços.

Nesta TERÇA TÉCNICA abordaremos o tema: Subsea Power & Processing – A Future Vision on Equipment and Processescom Sergio Sabedotti, Engenheiro chefe na BHGE.



The development of Offshore Oil and Gas Systems demand multi-disciplinary engineering to investigate a multitude of design uncertainties extending from the reservoir to the production facilities.  The generation of concept options usually follows a technically oriented process, where each specialized discipline determines the technical requirements and boundary conditions to the next discipline.

To surpass the main challenges established by deep water, high gas-oil flow ratios, flow assurance and constant increases in produced water, the Oil & Gas Operators are focusing on several projects in the subsea processing area, such as: Oil-Water and Gas-Liquid Separation Systems, Single and Multiphase Pumps with High Differential Pressure, subsea power distribution, Gas Compression System,…. The main applications of these projects are in fields with high fraction of gas and water, in fields/discoveries located far away from Production Units and to increase the reservoir recovery factor. Furthermore, the application of these technologies may have great benefits, such as: production anticipation, reduction of process system footprint on the Production Unit, decrease in CAPEX/OPEX and especially an increase of the topside oil processing capacity.

This presentation aims to present an overview of those technologies being developed around the world.  Also, it will show the main motivations under these developments, the main benefits of using each technology, the technological challenges and gaps, typical application scenarios and results of the evaluations performed so far.

Sergio Sabedotti is a Mechanical Engineer (Bachelor’s Degree) from Paraná Federal University, 1981 and MSc Engineering from Santa Catarina Federal University, 1983 . He also completed the MBA – Management , 2003. With over 25 years of experience of engineering management in the Oil & Gas industry. He has an advanced knowledge in Subsea Exploration and Production Environment.

Actually, Sergio act as a BHGE Chief Engineer leading more than 10 researchers, promoting subsea technologies, leading a JIP with 5 operators at the same time and also acting as a key contributor on technology BHGE both road maps and  innovation plan strategy definition.


Local: Clube de Engenharia (Av. Rio Branco, 124, 21º andar, Centro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Horário 18:00h

Preço especial para membros SPE.

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