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Terça Técnica: “Human Factors: a new approach for safety and operational excellence”

A SPE Seção Brasil, realizará em 13/08, às 18:00h, no Clube de Engenharia mais uma edição da TERÇA TÉCNICA.

Terça Técnica: “Human Factors: a new approach for safety and operational excellence”

Prezados membros da SPE e colegas da indústria de E&P,

A SPE Seção Brasil, realizará em 13/08, às 18:00h, no Clube de Engenharia mais uma edição da TERÇA TÉCNICA, que é um programa de palestras mensais com o objetivo de disseminar conhecimento e permitir a troca de experiências entre colegas de operadoras, academia e fornecedores de bens e serviços.

Nesta TERÇA TÉCNICA abordaremos o tema: “Human Factors: a new approach for safety and operational excellence” com José Carlos Bruno, Coach for Libra Project Operations.




The Oil and Gas industry, following other hazardous industries, has finally started to discuss the role of Human Factors in its operations, particularly in deep-water environments. Over the years, we have been trying harder and harder the same approaches in our safety management system with no measurable improvements. Managing safety using the traditional behavioral-based safety seems to be no longer sufficient to cope with the fast growing complexity in a leading-edge technological industry. Such shift from long established traditional paradigms started over a very short span of time recently. For instance, the Macondo blowout, followed by and unprecedented oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has undoubtedly played a crucial role as a catalyzer element on this shift since it made clear to the entire industry how a single catastrophic incident could jeopardize its very existence. Even though, the issue of Human Factors is yet peripheral for the Oil and Gas industry and not clearly understood. Strong beliefs on compliance as the leading factor for success or that getting to zero is an achievable goal are yet the prevalent ones among the industry. This presentation will try to summarize some paradigms that challenge this traditional old view, of Human Factors. Let’s get to know the New View of Human Factors and explore together how its new paradigms could help us to improve both safety and operational excellence in deep and ultra-deep-water operations!

  • Senior Petroleum Engineer (Drilling)
    ·Over 32 years with Petrobras, being 11 years with Petrobras International
    ·Several managerial positions both in Brazil and overseas
  • General Manager Well Operations – International
    §General Manager Petrobras Jack-Up fleet services unit
    §Technical Support Manager – Petróleo Brasileiro Nigeria Ltd.
    §Special Services Manager – Petrobras Middle East B.V. – Iran Branch
    §Project Manager – Petrobras Oil and Gas B.V. – Turkey Branch
    §Drilling Rigs and Special Services Manager – Petrobras E&P – AM and RNCE units
  • BSc in Civil Engineering @ PUCRS, Brazil
    ·Post-Graduation in Petroleum Engineering @ PETROBRAS UNIVERSITY, Brazil
    ·Executive MBA – Advanced Management Program @ INSEAD, France
    ·MSc in Human Factors and Systems Safety @ LUND UNIVERSITY, Sweden, Wellstream.


Local: Clube de Engenharia (Av. Rio Branco, 124, 21º andar, Centro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Horário 18:00h

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