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SPE Brazil Tech Tuesday – 14 de dezembro

“Desafios de exploração através da perspectiva de modelagem”

SPE Brazil Tech Tuesday – 14 de dezembro

Prezados membros da SPE e colegas da indústria de E&P,

A SPE Seção Brasil realizará em 14/12, às 18:00h, no canal da SPE Brasil no YouTube mais uma edição da SPE Brazil Tech Tuesday.

Nesta edição abordaremos o tema: “Exploration challenges through modelling perspective” proferida por Frank Le Diagon, da Schlumberger.



Giovanna Carneiro


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Abstract: Exploration challenges through modelling perspective, Frank Le Diagon (Solutions design and modeling manager for north and South America) will introduce how seismic exploration campaigns have successfully been implemented in the last twenty years in the Gulf of Mexico, to solve specific geophysical and geological challenges. This has been achieved  through the development of a series of iterative and innovative solutions. The Brazilian Presalt has its own characteristics and new challenges are emerging as exploration ventures into new areas. In this webinar, we will present the simulations currently performed by our team as an effort to uncover the new acquisition solutions for the next exploration surveys in Brazil.


BIO: Franck Le Diagon received his B.S. in geotechnical and geophysical engineering in 1997 from the University of Paris VI, and his M.S. in geophysics in 2000 from the University of São Paulo. His research thesis focused on shallow seismic reflection methods for bedrock identification. Franck joined Schlumberger in 1999 working offshore as acquisition specialist and later as field geophysicist. Franck moved to a geophysical support role in London in 2006 and then in Rio de Janeiro in 2008 before integrating WesternGeco survey design and modeling group in 2012. He currently holds the position of WesternGeco West Hemisphere Solutions Design and Modelling manager based in Houston.

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