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Distinguished Lecturer: “Engineered Well Design: From Spud to Abandonment”

An Extra 45 Minutes Can Provide a World of Knowledge

Distinguished Lecturer: “Engineered Well Design: From Spud to Abandonment”

SPE Brazil Section has a pleasure to invite you to the lecture:

“Engineered Well Design: From Spud to Abandonment”                                         

Speaker: Dr Hussain Rabia – Entrac Petroleum



This talk  is designed  to discuss  and explain modern well design methods required throughout the life of a well from spud to abandonment, including well integrity and well control issues. The talk will discuss technical and non-technical factor factors involved in well design including regulatory requirements, the concept of pressure  vessel, how to establish and calculate casing properties from the various industry standards ( API and ISO) and how to establish the correct casing shoe strength from well integrity tests. The concept of kick tolerance (swabbed and drilling kicks) will be reviewed  from both a well design aspect and a well control aspect. A review  of current well design methods will be made including the discussion of burst,collapse and tension criteria for each casing string. A review of the various elements that make up the well design document ( eg service loads ,well completion) for a typical onshore and offshore well will also be made.

Well integrity will be reviewed in terms of zonal isolation, role of cement, number of barriers and testing of barriers including inflow testing. The importance and proper procedure for carrying out inflow testing will be made. Finally the importance of engineering the supension and abandonment of wells will be discussed using current regulatory requirements.



Dr Hussain Rabia is the managaing Director of Entrac Petroleum, a consulting company engaged in well design and training. Dr Hussain Rabia completed his Bachelor degree with a BSc First Class Honours degree in Mining and Petroleum Egineering and a PhD in Rock Mechanics and Drilling Engineering, all from Leeds University, England.

Dr Rabia has over 37 years continuous experience in the oil industry. He has served on several committees and conferences worldwide and was secretary and then chairman of the Drilling Engineering Association (Europe). Dr. Rabia also served on the Technical Board for UK National Grid to deal with the technology of injecting and storing CO2 in deep wells.

Dr  Rabia worked for a number of Oil companies including British Gas (Well  Engineering  Manager), ADCO (UAE), Aramco ( Saudi Arabia) and several other companies as an in-house senior consultant. Dr. Rabia has been involved in over 300 wells from all over the world either at the design stage, supervision or both. Dr. Rabia has supervised wells in the North Sea (Drilling Manager for Rough Field Enhancement Project), Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Russia and Pakistan.

Dr. Rabia wrote four text books on well drilling, casing design, rig hydraulics and well control. His fourth book on Well Control is his latest contribution to the oil industry and is designed to improve well safety by helping field engineers to solve field well control problems and also prepare for the IWCF and Wellsharp well control tests. Dr. Rabia has consulted and delivered training courses to every major oil and service company in the world.



Date: November 12th, 2019

Rio de Janeiro, RJ – Brasil

KPMG (Rua Rodrigo Silva, 26 5° andar – Centro, Rio de Janeiro)


An Extra 45 Minutes Can Provide a World of Knowledge


Será servido um almoço junto a palestra.

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