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HSE Talks #10

Safety new view and human factors

HSE Talks #10

After decades of significant investments in hardware looking for increasing the safety of production operations, it was observed that human barriers are effectively the root cause of a large number of events. Different currents emerged, focusing on human being and proposing expanded safety solutions based on the workforce behavior.


However, even based on the understanding of the non-technical skills (NTS) and performance shapping factors (PSF), proposed in the discussion for a reasonable period of time by the IOGP and other entities, it is clear that there are still several aspects to be discussed by our Safety comunity in the Industry.


At september 29th we will discuss about the challenges and best practices in safety regarding human factors.



Caroline de Morais – Regulatory Specialist at ANP/SSM

Felipe Gastaldo – Head of Operations at RZX Tecnologia

Hector Guzaman – HSE & Security Manager at Smiths Medical

José Carlos Bruno – Head of Human Factors at HSE+BRC Technical Committee of SPE Brazil Section

Josué Maia – HSE+BRC Technical Committee Member

Marilia Ramos – Research Scientist at UCLA


Date: 09/29/2021

Time: 6h30min p.m. (GMT-3)

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